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We love floating in the warm waters of the outgoing tide down towards Mitchies Jetty.

Technically not a beach, but the edge of Merimbula Lake, but seeing as there's plenty of sand and seawater, that's good enough for us!


With low tide sand ripples, gentle shallows, playgound, picnic facilities, toilets nearby and large park area with shade, this is the perfect spot for taking the little ones. Walk along the lake's edge and dive into the clear waters, the water is particularly inviting in this spot.


Spencer Park itself is a great place to spend the day, with shade, room for ball sports and frisbee and extensive picnic areas that stretch up the hill into Rotary Park. Walk up the path to the lookout for a great vista of the lake.  It's also a sought after ceremony destination for weddings with it's beautiful lake views.


There's an abundance of fish, various sea creatures and even an octopus or two lingering under the jetties among the sea grasses in the lake at the front of the fishing club, so it's a rewarding snorkeling spot too.

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