Why we love the Sapphire Coast

1: Life in the Slow Lane

Without the hustle and bustle of the busy season, life slows down and there's more time to do the things you love - work on your game, take the kids camping, go fishing, meet friends for coffee ... and simply enjoy the Sapphire Coast lifestyle - which is why we're all here!

Move to the slow lane with our favourite activities.

2: The Beach to Yourself

No crowds in sight - except maybe a flock of birds.  This is the time to soak up the solitude and gently wander whereever your feet take you.


No need to trek miles to find that special spot, you can hog whole beaches to yourself with only a short stroll from town.

3: Sunny Days & Cool Nights

Our winter temps range between an very bearable minimum of 7°C and 17°C.  We are frost-free but with just enough chill to justify cosying up by the fire at night and participating in a little winter food and wine.

4: Whale Watching

Us locals still get excited at annual whale migration, there's something mesmerising about seeing these gentle giants coast through our waters.

The quieter season is the time for some nature therapy and there's an abundance of wildlife to be discovered right on your doorstep.

5: Great Deals

We all love a bargain and this is the time of year for great rates, dining discounts, packages and all kinds of special offers!

This is why many locals choose to 'holiday' in their own town to take advantage of the optimal conditions!

Want to know more or have a question?  Give the friendly team at Merimbula Tourism a call on our freecall number

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